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Surviving Infidelity
How to Get Over a Broken Heart

Surviving Infidelity | How to Get Over a Broken HeartNothing is quite as damaging to your relationship as cheating. After you've gotten over the initial shock and betrayal, you'll need to focus on surviving infidelity. First, you'll decide if the relationship itself is worth saving, and if it is, then you'll start dealing with the trust issues surrounding infidelity. Read on for some helpful advice about surviving infidelity and either saving your relationship or focusing on how to get over a broken heart.

Surviving Infidelity - Learn the Reasons for Cheating

The first step in surviving infidelity is understanding why your partner has cheated.

People cheat for a number of reasons. Some of these include:

1. The thrill of "the chase"

2. A desire for an emotional connection

3. The need to feel or prove one is attractive and desirable

4. A midlife crisis or other life-changing event

5. Satisfying sexual urges when sex has waned or completely disappeared from your relationship

6. A sexual addiction or fetish

7. No longer feeling special or loved by your partner

Whatever the reason for cheating, it's critical to address that issue instead of just putting a band-aid on the relationship. If the underlying issues are not explored, it's likely your partner will cheat again. 

Surviving Infidelity - Should You Stay or Should You Go?

The next step in surviving infidelity is doing some soul searching to determine if and how to get over a broken heart and the trust issues that resulted from cheating. No one can answer this question but you. The answer will depend on the reason your partner cheated and whether or not that issue can be resolved. A relationship coach can provide useful counseling to you and your partner that will help guide you throughout this process.

Surviving Infidelity and Salvaging the Relationship

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the majority of marriages do survive infidelity. The key to surviving infidelity is learning to trust again. It is a difficult task, but if you cannot regain trust, your relationship will not survive.

The help of a relationship counselor is oftentimes a necessity. Infidelity usually occurs because of a problem in the relationship. This does not mean that you are to blame for the cheating, but rather that it's important to get to the underlying issues so infidelity will not occur again. A relationship coach can help you and your partner get to the heart of the matter so you both will begin to heal.

How to Get Over a Broken Heart

The fact is, sometimes surviving infidelity is not an option. If your partner or your relationship has issues that cannot be resolved, it may be time to move on. Healing will take some time too. The emotional damage of infidelity coupled with the heartache and loss of ending a relationship is tough work and will require counseling in most cases. You'll need to give yourself time to grieve for the loss, pick up the pieces, and regain your sense of self. A Life Coach or relationship coach can help you get through this and grow. 

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How to Get Over a Broken Heart - Starting Today

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