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Jay Reiss - "Professional Life Coach"

My journey started in 1976, while I was working in a private hospital in Eastern Pennsylvania. I was really surprised at how quickly patients recovered when their diets were improved and food supplements added. And then, a friend gave me a book about natural foods and holistic healing - and my vision began to grow about coaching clients toward better health...

I traveled across the country to follow my dream and settled in Los Angeles in 1978. It was there that I entered a graduate school program which, after three years of hard work, I completed in 1981.

It was my wish to broadcast my message with the widest net possible. But little did I know just how wide (and deep) that net would be!

I started as a nutritional consultant and teacher and began publishing articles in newspapers and magazines. Within a few months I was syndicating my own newspaper column - I called it "Nutrition in Mind" - and I supplemented my publishing work by lecturing throughout Southern California. I made guest appearances on television and radio shows - and gave workshops at six colleges in the greater Los Angeles area. I also worked as the Public Education Chairman for the American Cancer Society, and was a member of the Speaker's Bureau for the American Heart Association. Between the workshops, my media appearances, and my published work, my name was frequently in the papers - and my articles appeared on magazine covers throughout North America.

By the following year, clients and friends were asking me how to do some networking - just like I had been doing mine! The momentum I established in the early 1980's gave me a strong base to work from, and helped me expand my business. And so I began my practice as a Coach.

I started coaching at a time when very few people understood what coaching meant outside the realm of sports. I took to coaching like a duck to water, and within a very short time, I established myself as one of the first professional coaches on the planet.

Following the same principles and strategies that effectively launched my health services and publishing career, I advertised my coaching practice in magazines with a worldwide circulation. In the mid-to-late 80's I created an international reputation through my full-page magazine advertisements and innovative direct mail campaigns. By 1990, I was reaching over two million readers a month. I was frequently invited to speak in front of large audiences, I was the keynote speaker at international conventions, and I produced dozens of seminars and workshops.

It was during this period that - working with a small group of volunteers - I started the world's first online support group for people who became obsessed with Internet relationships. We worked with hundreds of people all across America and we learned a lot about online relationships ourselves.

As the Internet expanded, new online relationship opportunities sprang up everywhere. Using my professional training and a lot of common sense, I worked with clients as I applied my background in Psychology and Social Work. At first it was my friends who came for help... and then their friends asked for support too. Before I knew it I was working with people all across the country. I created my first website and wrote my first book in 1990. Not long after that, my practice expanded, and I found myself working with clients around the globe.

The 90's flew by in a flurry of business and a continual flow of projects. I was typically coaching 20 to 30 clients at a time and it was also during this period that I wrote and published five self-help books, which have been sold all over the world.

And so, from all of this, my current coaching practice has emerged.

Please feel free to call me at (805) 964-6574 and let's get to know each other - I'm sure you'll find the experience very refreshing!

Best wishes,

Jay Reiss, M.S.W.
Professional Life Coach

P.S. Do you have some relationship issues you'd like to discuss? Feel free to give me a call at (805) 964-6574. And by all means...

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"Thank you so much for the awesome coaching session! I got so much clarity and focus about where I want to go and how to get there. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend and told her about it, and she commented immediately on the excitement in my voice! Truly amazing!"


"I am so blessed to be working with you... Thank you for showing up and shining your light in my direction! Thank you, thank you God."


"You are on FIRE -- EXQUISITE!!! This message is SO powerful, Jay, a vivid portrait of your strength and leadership. WOW. Thank you!!!! I am SO inspired. The timing could not possibly have been more perfect."


"I am in a state of awe and gratitude. I believe it is entirely possible that our conversation last night will prove to be the most pivotal turning point of my life. Above all else, thank you for your honesty."


"You SO go WAY above and beyond the line of duty."


"Jay, Thanks for really being there for me ... I really FEEL you in my corner and I am looking forward to moving into magnificent success!!"


"Jay! WOW! You really are the best! How did I get so lucky to connect with you?!"


"Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. You have such a positive, powerful energy. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet you. Mutual support is a rare occurrence. Thank you for that."


"Am eager to report in Wednesday... the impact of that one session has been like I smashed into a house full of dynamite -- WOW. I'm definitely up against the issues that need to be addressed... tough stuff... and brilliant work on your part, JR. Warmest regards and gratitude"


"Hi Jay! I'm still digesting -- and SO much appreciate your phenomenal multi-dimensional support. I laughed so hard today which helped more than anything. What a RANGE you have, my dear."


"Thank you for your loving support Jay... I truly appreciate you..."


"My dear Heaven-Sent Jay, Yet another WONDERFUL session. Again, I feel indescribably blessed. I LOVE the way you synopsize the essence of our meetings -- it's really, really helpful."


"Thank you infinitely for the phenomenal person you are, for your spiritual diligence, and for the unparalleled support you give me."


"I am overflowing with gratitude for your presence/presents in my life. The session with you last night was transformational. Every time we have a conversation, I emerge with even MORE awe and respect for you, for who you are, for what you have already contributed..."


"Great Session!!! Thanks"


"I hope I will get to know you in some way since I have heard such amazing things about you."


"Thank you... and I really do love how you show up in this world. Thank you for standing your ground for the best of the best experience... for all possibility and choosing the utmost. I'm so grateful for your presence in my experience... you let me know that everything is possible."


"Thanks so much. I love how resourceful you are!"


"Great call Jay, I am so impressed at the lightness and trust in this session. You really seemed comfortable with everything that came up and created a deep level of support. You are a powerful coach and ask deep questions. I also appreciate the creative way you express yourself so clearly. Great session."


"Great work today Jay. I am touched by your masterful confidence. Awesome!"


"Thanks Jay! You are so wonderful!!!"