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How to Prevent Marriage Problems:
Relationship Help For Singles

save your marriage | marriage problems | relationship help | relationship advice for menScan the Internet and a variety of popular magazines today, and you will often find relationship help and advice articles with titles like "Save Your Marriage in Three Easy Steps" or "Solving the Most Common Marriage Problems." However, trying to save your marriage after years of conflict is a difficult task for anyone, and today's singles should understand that it's much easier to prevent future marriage problems than it is to try and solve them. The old expression "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" offers great relationship advice for men and women and should be valued and carefully considered.

Common Habits of Single Life that
Can Lead to Marriage Problems Later

Many singles mistakenly believe that they can live whatever lifestyle they wish - and once they are married, their past decisions will not affect them. The truth is that lifestyle choices create patterns and habits, and these habits will not disappear once you put on a wedding ring. To save your marriage from disaster, watch out for these lifestyle patterns:

Meaningless hookups: Singles who are accustomed to a wide variety of sexual partners are not establishing habits for faithfulness and monogamy once they get married. Many married couples need relationship help for problems with cheating spouses, and there is good evidence that marital infidelity is widespread. These issues are often a result of prior sexual habits.

Financial irresponsibility: Relationship advice for men and women often focuses on the issue of money: finances are one of the main reasons couples break up. Singles who are accustomed to spending freely - buying whatever their hearts desire and running up debt - will carry these habits into their marriage. If you can't manage your finances now, you'll have even more trouble after the wedding bells when there are two incomes and two spenders!

Poor choice of partners: Most singles have met their fair share of inappropriate partners. But staying in an unhealthy relationship isn't good training for ways to save your marriage in the future. On the contrary, dysfunctional relationships in the past often create emotional baggage leading to a variety of marriage problems down the road.

Self focus: While your single years can be a wonderful time of exploration, discovery, and maturation (all of which can prevent marriage problems later) it is very easy for singles to become too focused on themselves. Marriage requires a great deal of sacrifice and self-denial, which can be difficult for singles whose world almost entirely revolves around themselves.

How to Prevent Potential
Marriage Problems Now

The good news is that there are many steps singles can take now which will help them in their future marriages. It is far better to seek relationship help today, instead of waiting until things get so bad that you find yourself wanting to bail out!

Here's some practical relationship advice for men and women who want to avoid having marriage problems later.

Practice smart sex: Singles who limit sexual activity to committed, faithful relationships can prevent marriage problems by making a habit of monogamous living. Being faithful to your spouse requires determination and self-discipline, and these habits should be developed early.

Get a handle on your cash: Articles offering relationship advice for men often focus on the area of finances, but both men and women need to know that zero debt, a budget, and funds in reserve make a great foundation for marriage. Save your cash, save your receipts, save your emergency funds, and you can save your marriage long before it starts!

Date wisely: Although some relationship advice experts may advise people not to talk about their past relationships when meeting someone new, it may actually be to your advantage to ask your date about his or her dating history; you can learn quite a bit about a person's character from their past relationships. You'll save yourself endless drama and future marriage problems if you date only mature, level-headed people. Dating should be a positive experience that helps you build strong relationship skills - so choose your dates wisely and get several benefits in one!

Look beyond yourself: Your single years are a great time to volunteer, help a cause, and give back to others too. Expanding your horizons now may help you save your marriage in the future - once it's no longer just you to consider!

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