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Do You Have a Marriage Problem?
How to Get Marriage Help before it's Too Late

marriage problem | marriage help | relationship help | relationship coach | personal coachingAt times, most couples struggle with a marriage problem in one form or another. But when do everyday arguments cross over into divorce territory? Read on to learn how to recognize some potential divorce warning signs and learn when to get marriage help - before it's too late.

Signs a Marriage Problem Could Lead to a Divorce

Not all issues in a marriage lead to divorce, but some types of problems are indicators that a separation or divorce may be imminent and that marriage help is really necessary. If you and your spouse find yourselves in one or more of the following situations, it may be time to schedule some marriage help today.

1. Infidelity - You or your partner has cheated. This type of offense requires immediate help to avoid the meltdown and destruction of your relationship.

2. A Sexless Marriage - Sex is often the biggest indicator of the "health" of a relationship. If the sex isn't there, it's very likely that the emotional connection isn't there either. There are many ways to improve a situation like this before it becomes an ongoing theme in your marriage.

3. A Workaholic Spouse - Sometimes a partner will "escape" a marriage problem by devoting all of their time to work. This is almost always a symptom of something missing at home.

4. Substance Abuse - Alcohol or drugs are also ways a spouse might "escape" from a marriage problem. Both marriage help and substance abuse counseling are needed in cases like these.

5. Physical or Emotional Abuse - When any kind of abuse is present, marriage help is essential. Make no mistake, emotional abuse is just as serious as physical abuse and requires professional counseling.

6. Financial Issues - Some people view money as a form of love or affection (this usually stems from money issues with their parents). Withholding money or being secretive about purchases could be an indicator of larger issues. If money problems have crept into your marriage, a relationship coach can help.

7. Communication Breakdown - You and your spouse no longer talk about important issues, and even small talk has come to a standstill. Marriage help from a professional can reopen the lines of communication.

8. Religion and Morals - Sometimes a spouse will decide to change religions, values, or beliefs when a marriage problem develops - oftentimes choosing polar opposites of the values he or she married with. This could be a way of distancing or alienating oneself from his or her partner.

9. Children - Arguing about every aspect of your child's life - from schooling and friends to activities and free time - is sometimes just a symptom of the real marriage problem between spouses. In cases like these it's important to get help so your child isn't caught between the crossfire. Dealing with the marriage problem itself will in many cases spare the children.

10. Decisions - One or both of you are making major decisions without consulting the other person. A marriage should always be a joint effort.

11. Non-Future - You stop talking about your future plans together - retirement, vacations, and more. When your future vision is lost, there may be significant trouble ahead. Get help now to get your relationship back on track.

12. Stuck in the Same Fight - Having the same argument over and over again without resolution. This is where it's especially important to get the help of an objective third party.

13. Change in Appearance - A major change in appearance - for better or for worse - could be a red flag, so definitely pay attention. If your spouse is sprucing their appearance up a bit, they may have wandering eyes. On the other hand, if your spouse is letting him or herself go, they may just not care anymore.

Get Marriage Help from a Relationship Coach

If you're experiencing a marriage problem like any of those listed above, consider marriage help from a professional. These types of problems are typically too complex and serious to try to resolve on your own.

A relationship coach can counsel you and your spouse through sensitive issues and their underlying causes. Typically, a marriage problem is just a symptom of something deeper. A relationship professional can help you understand these issues and help you resolve them before it's too late.

Get Marriage Help from a Professional Today

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