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Love Addiction = Relationship Problems

Love Addiction | Relationship ProblemsFalling is love is a wonderful and exciting thing - but can occasionally turn into an addiction. Love addiction, or the physical and psychological dependence on the feeling of falling in love, can wreak havoc in a person's life - and ultimately create serious relationship problems.

Do you have a Love Addiction?

So how can you tell if you are in fact experiencing love addiction? Moving from relationship to relationship - seeking out extreme passion and relationships filled with turmoil - are all characteristics of a love addiction. These relationships are typically intense and exciting, but brief.

Contrast this with a person who does not have this addiction and you'll typically see someone who finds pleasure in the passion of a new relationship, but who later adapts and continues the relationship once the butterflies settle down.

The continual quest for excitement and novelty often causes numerous relationship problems.

Here are a few characteristics of a love addiction

1. His or her relationships involve instant intimacy, or love at first sight.

2. The goal in these relationships is to win another person over, or make them fall in love with you. All behaviors and thoughts in the relationship are centered around this goal.

3. There are unrealistic expectations and perceptions of the partner - glorifying them and obsessing over them constantly.

4. These relationships are often obsessive, passionate, and jealous affairs. There is never a chance to feel at ease or comfortable with your partner.

5. At the end of these relationships, feelings of intense disappointment, sadness and depression may develop.

6. An individual's past is sprinkled with numerous and frequent relationship problems.

The Cycle of Love Addiction

When a person has love addiction, he or she is typically not aware that they are in fact an addict. They believe that the person they are currently with is "the one" and that they will be together for the rest of their lives. This delusion often causes the person to experience a "high" which provides them with comfort and relief. When the relationship inevitably ends, the love addict feels depressed and immediately looks for someone new so they can "fall in love" again. Love addiction causes a cycle of highs and lows, and the repeated lows in which the individual is not "in love" or in a relationship may cause a drastic drop in the person's self-esteem and self-worth. The love addict, much like an alcoholic or other addict, constantly strives to be in the "high" phase of the addiction cycle. They will sacrifice everything - including their own needs - to obtain this high.

Love Addiction and Relationship Problems

A love addiction inevitably causes relationship problems. Forming a healthy, stable relationship is not easy for an individual with a love addiction. Often, married addicts will seek out multiple relationships, as the stable relationship with their spouse is not enough to obtain the "high" they are looking for. An addict who attempts to form a lasting relationship will often be disappointed once the intense passion naturally subsides as the relationship develops. This is why they frequently seek out new liaisons. This of course causes multiple relationship problems, and is the reason why individuals with a true love addiction create such pain and suffering in those around them.

How to Get Help for a Love Addiction

If you're suffering from a love addiction, of if you're having relationship problems with a love addict you're involved with, there are resources available to help you. Speaking to a Relationship Coach can be especially helpful in starting the process of recovery.

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