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Is My Husband Cheating on Me?
Looking for Signs of Infidelity

Is My Husband Cheating | Signs of Infidelity | Talk to a Relationship CoachTrust is the key to a successful marriage. If your husband is showing signs of infidelity or you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, don't ignore it. Oftentimes, a gut feeling is cause for real concern. If you find yourself asking the question, "Is my husband cheating?" first separate fact from fiction - then get some coaching to deal with the answer.

Is My Husband Cheating?
Some Common Signs of Infidelity

Fishy behavior doesn't always mean cheating, but there are some common signs of infidelity that you should be aware of, including:

1. Working More - Your spouse suddenly has longer hours, is working a lot of overtime, or taking several unexpected business trips every month.

2. Change in Appearance - He might die his hair to cover the gray, lose weight, get cosmetic procedures like Botox, or change his style of dress.

3. Your Sex Life No Longer Sizzles - You experience sudden dramatic changes in the frequency you're having sex.

4. Lots of Gifts - He begins showering you with gifts for no apparent reason.

5. Secretive Behavior - He's taking phone calls in the other room, not checking his email in front of you, or he's being vague about his day or where he's been.

6. Petty Criticism - He starts blaming all of your marriage problems on you, or starts making harsh judgments about your appearance, your tastes and activities.

7. An Increase in Alone Time - He starts attending work events or other activities solo.

8. Unexplained Expenses - Suspicious charges start appearing on his bank or credit card statement - for purchases that haven't been there before.

If your spouse is displaying one or more of these signs of infidelity, it's not a sure sign that he's cheating, but it's definitely something worth exploring.

Addressing the Question, "Is My Husband Cheating?"

If your spouse is showing signs of infidelity and you have a gnawing feeling that your suspicions are warranted, you absolutely must address this issue before it destroys your marriage. Even if your husband isn't cheating, he is obviously doing something unusual, which will naturally bring up some questions.

Confronting him with your concerns right at the beginning will prevent your mind from getting ahead of you and avoid a drama that shouldn't be there if he's innocent.

Address your concerns with your husband when you are both in the right frame of mind - not when he's stressed about work, has had a few drinks, is around your children, or is running late for a familiar appointment. Present what you feel is the "evidence" of his infidelity and give him the opportunity to either deny or confirm all your suspicions. It's helpful to role-play this conversation ahead of time to ensure that it's a productive conversation. A relationship coach can help.

"Is My Husband Cheating?"
What to Do if the Answer is "Yes."

If your husband does admit to having an affair, you should ask him to get relationship counseling with you if you'd like to save your marriage. A relationship coach can help you look at the problems that led to infidelity and address the underlying issues.

If your husband denies he's cheating, but in spite of this you just don't believe him, a relationship counselor can help you see if you're projecting your own issues, or if you have a genuine cause for concern.


Is My Husband Cheating?
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