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Are You (or your spouse)
Having a Midlife Crisis?

How a Personal Coach can Help Save Your Marriage

Midlife Crisis | Save Your Marriage | Marriage Counseling | Personal CoachThe term "midlife crisis" has become somewhat of a cliché in our society, but a midlife crisis is a very real phenomenon that often requires marriage counseling and a personal coach to get through. If you suspect that you or your spouse is having a midlife crisis, read on to find out how to save your marriage in the midst of this life-changing event.


What is a Midlife Crisis?

At its core, a midlife crisis is the realization of one's immortality and a resulting evaluation of his or her life so far. This "taking stock" is oftentimes peppered with regrets. According to Psychology Today, a midlife crisis includes "small, nagging doubts, encouraging a series of dramatic, seemingly irrational events and ultimately great change. A person experiencing midlife symptoms will ask: Is this all there is? Am I a failure? The symptoms and behaviors during midlife crisis can range from mild to severe."

Both men and women can go through a midlife crisis. The issues that result can bring potentially devastating consequences for a couple. However, with some soul searching and the help of a professional who can provide marriage counseling, it is possible to save your marriage.

Common Symptoms of a Midlife Crisis

Contrary to what movies, advertisements and TV shows portray-a gray-haired man in a new red convertible with a woman half his age at his side, or a middle-aged woman with a shopping addiction and too much plastic surgery-a midlife crisis comes in many shapes and sizes and typically requires marriage counseling. Below are some symptoms of a midlife crisis:

1. Infidelity - Sometimes an individual experiencing a midlife crisis will have an affair, oftentimes with a younger man or woman.

2. Career Change - He or she may change career paths or leave their job.

3. Existential Crisis - Individuals in a midlife crisis may change religions or experiment with different spirituality paths. They may become fixated on their own mortality.

4. Rash Money Decisions - He or she might buy elaborate items or waste away savings on frivolous purchases.

5. Excessive Attention to Appearance - A common symptom of a midlife crisis is dramatically changing one's appearance. This may also include obsessive exercising or dieting, or exploring plastic surgery or hair loss remedies.

6. Depression - Depression is a frequent symptom for someone suffering from a midlife crisis. In these situations, it is even more crucial to get professional help. A personal coach can help you or your spouse work through the depression, and can also recommend a psychiatrist if medication is needed.

7. Substance Abuse - Sometimes alcohol or drug abuse becomes a problem during a midlife crisis. This is another area where the help of a professional is crucial.

Save Your Marriage with a Personal Coach
and Marriage Counseling

It is difficult to deal with the types of issues that surface during a midlife crisis without the help of a personal coach and marriage counseling. The problems are often deep-rooted, and only a professional is trained to address these.

If you or your spouse is suffering from a midlife crisis, get marriage counseling before the problem takes on a life of its own. A personal coach can help you navigate the situation and come up with an action plan during this upheaval in your relationship.

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