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Getting Back Your Ex –

Are You Determined To Fix Your Relationship?

Getting back your ex is possible with the right strategy  Do you find yourself regretting a break up? Have you come to the realization that your ex is someone you just can't live without? There are many reasons why relationships go sour, or for couples to grow apart.

Let's start with the assumption that getting your ex back would be a good thing - and it's something that would mean a lot to you. If you're serious about fixing your relationship - whether getting back your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse - please read on for some expert advice on getting your loved one back in your life.

Without question, the pain and agony of feeling empty and lost after a breakup may be hard for your friends and family to understand. Their advice for you may sound something like "Just get over him and move on" or "You're better off without her". And although they mean well, their advice may not be what you need or want to hear right now - especially when you know, deep down inside, that you're missing the very person you want nothing more than to be with. If you've asked yourself, "Is getting my ex back even possible?" The answer is YES - it IS possible, however, it can also be a very bumpy and unpredictable road. If you're serious about putting in the effort and making the changes necessary to fix a relationship, you must also understand the strategies involved - and know that having the intention of getting back your ex is not enough, in and of itself, to keep you from sabotaging your own efforts. Here's why:

   Your ex is most likely hurting over the breakup too. Even if they're trying to move on, chances are they're confused, broken, and maybe even angry – depending on the circumstances involved.


   There is no "one size fits all" solution for winning him or her back. So please beware of self-help books or programs that promise quick and easy solutions for mending a relationship - and a broken heart. The wrong advice can easily backfire!


   The pain and regret of losing an ex can cause even the most level-headed person to resort to crying, pleading, or even demanding a second chance, which can cause your ex to feel pushed... overwhelmed... and confused even more! Understanding what effect your actions and words have on your ex is key to being able to communicate constructively with them. This kind of insight and guidance - tailored to your specific situation - can be best provided by a trained, professional counselor or life coach.


   If there's even the slightest chance that your ex is willing to take you back (and yes, there almost ALWAYS is) actions will speak volumes louder than words! I'm not dismissing the importance of an apology, but if you are taking the necessary steps to truly make a difference within yourself – such as getting counseling – you are much more likely to be taken seriously.

So now that you're ready to go
through the process of

getting your ex back, what's next?

First, it's important to understand why the breakup happened in the first place. If you find that you and your partner were frequently fighting over little things, chances are there's a much deeper, underlying issue. Getting to the root of the bigger problem takes a willingness to look deep within yourself, letting go of your pride, admitting what you could do differently, and relearning new behaviors to keep problems from creeping back in the future. This is an important step in personal growth - and not just for the relationship you long to get back - but also for yourself.

If something more serious led to the breakup and you sincerely want to reconcile with your ex, the solution may not be as simple as explaining yourself and apologizing. For example:

  You may have discovered your ex cheating

  Perhaps you learned about a history of addiction

  Maybe your ex has some hang-ups about sex

  You may have learned that your ex has a fear of intimacy

  Maybe your ex has uncontrollable anger

  There might be some criminal behavior in his or her background

  You may have discovered that your ex has an eating disorder

  Maybe your ex has had trouble with drug use

  Your ex might have some form of mental illness they've kept hidden, or

  Maybe your ex discovered some of these things about you.

No matter what caused the breakup - whether your issues or theirs - you can bet that it triggered your ex's worst fears and insecurities. Addressing these issues with your ex must be done carefully and delicately. A direct confrontation could leave your ex feeling defensive and angry. And if your timing isn't carefully considered, you could easily push him or her away for good.

In all of these cases, receiving guidance from a trained professional who can help tailor the best strategy for your unique situation can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting him or her back.


Based on years of experience I'd like to share some tips that have proven to be very helpful when mending a broken relationship. These suggestions on what to do - and what not to do - when getting back your ex can be found here.


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