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Frequently Asked Questions
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Relationship Issues | Personal Coach | Relationship Help | Personal Coaching | Professional Life Coach1. What is Personal Coaching?


Coaching is a professional service. Clients retain a coach in order to reach a goal, solve a problem, or create a strategy.


2. Why is personal coaching becoming so popular, so quickly?


Personal Coaching has become so popular because people are far less willing to wait for what they want than their parents were.


3. Why does personal coaching work?


Personal Coaching works because the client gets the expert support they need to make the changes they want.


4. Why do people hire a personal coach?


People hire a coach to make a change, reach a goal, solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.


5. How long has personal coaching been in existence?


The first modern coaches in a business setting were the industrial psychologists in the 1950's and 1960's who were often "pulled to the side" by the CEO's who needed someone to talk to confidentially about problems they were having related to the organization. From these beginnings, personal coaching as a profession has developed and grown into its present form as an internationally recognized professional practice.


6. How can you coach effectively over the phone instead of in person?


Coaching is often more effective over the phone than in person because there are fewer distractions for either party and the client is more likely to be more honest sooner because of the anonymity factor. And, coaching over the phone is the most convenient method of meeting.


7. But how can the coach pick up on the visual clues such as body language?


There are many more auditory clues than visual ones. A professional coach is trained to hear over 200 nuances.


8. What credentials do coaches have?


Currently the best credentials we have is our track record with clients. Their success is the most credible evidence of the value of coaching and the ability of the coach.


9. Where do the coach and client first focus their efforts?


Most coaches provide assessment tools to better understand the client's life or business situation and their current needs. Usually, however, the client already knows what they want to accomplish or resolve and the coaching begins there.


10. How soon can the client expect to see results?


Usually within a day or two. Their attitude will improve, or they'll get working on something they've been stuck with, or they'll make an important change and start feeling the benefits of coaching fairly quickly. And, over time, the cumulative benefits can be life changing.


11. How is coaching different than therapy?


A therapist is trained and licensed to work with diagnosable psychological conditions, whereas a coach and client typically focus on what the client wants to accomplish personally or business-wise over the next six to twelve months. Typically, an individual works with a therapist to resolve something that is causing pain. It is not unusual for a client to be working concurrently with a coach and a therapist, each on different topics.


12. How is coaching different than consulting?


There is some crossover between what a coach and a consultant provide, but the basic difference is that most consultants are experts at information, systems and business analysis. A well-trained coach is an expert in people and life/success dynamics. Consultants are brought in to analyze a situation, make recommendations, install something and/or to solve a problem. A coach is brought in to help reach business targets and/or provide support and advice on a one-to-one basis with individuals in a company.


13. How much do coaches charge?


Coaching fees vary depending on the expertise of the coach, the needs of the client, and the market niche being served. Please call my office and I'll be happy to offer you a coaching package that you can afford.


14. Is coaching a fad?


The practice of coaching is no more a fad than the practice of medicine. As long as people have personal and business goals, coaching will thrive.


15. How do I find the right coach for me?


We recommend that you work with a certified coach - a coach who has graduated from an I.C.F. accredited coach training program. Basically, share with him or her your goal, dilemma, opportunity or problem and ask him to describe the approach they would use in coaching you. This method can provide you with the real-time and real-life information you need about the coach in order to match well.


16. How do I know coaching is working?


If you are seeing measurable quality-of-life improvements, achieving your outcomes more quickly and/or having significant internal growth, coaching is working.


17. Do coaches give advice?


Yes, most coaches do give advice - or at least the coach can help you expand your options in a situation - but some coaches do not believe in giving advice. It depends on the coach's background, areas of expertise, their natural coaching style, and where they received their training. The preferences of the client, which are paramount, affect how much, if any, advice is provided.


18. How has coaching evolved?


In the early days of modern coaching (early 1980's) the focus was on "take actions to get results."


By the early 1990's the approach expanded to include the strategy of "increase your range of competencies and you'll get better results."


By the early 2000's the coaching approach expanded to include the notion of "crafting environments in order to accelerate the outcomes."


All three approaches can be effective. Well-trained coaches can offer you coaching using all three approaches. To get relationship help, talk about relationship issues, and make an appointment with a Professional Life Coach today, call (805) 964-6574 or visit my Make an Appointment page here. 


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