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Ending a Relationship Peacefully
Some Breakup Advice from a Life Coach

Ending A Relationship | Relationship Counseling | Breakup Advice | Life Coach"Breaking up is Hard to Do" is more than just a hit song, it's reality. Ending a relationship is one of the most trying situations you will face in your life. Two things are certain about breaking up: there are telltale signs that a relationship is over, and there is a right way to do it.

A Life Coach can offer breakup advice and relationship counseling if you find yourself struggling with ending a relationship. Read on for some important breakup advice, when you fear your relationship has reached its expiration date.

Ending a Relationship:
Signs that it's Over from a Life Coach

If you are wondering if you just need relationship counseling or if your relationship is really over, check in with yourself to see if your partner and you are experiencing any of the following five indicators:

1. Constant Fighting - If you're fighting more than you're agreeing, this is a red light that you might need some relationship counseling, and/or it is time to breakup.

2. Sexual Problems - Sex is a litmus test for a relationship. If you are rarely having sex or no longer feel physically attracted to your partner, you may have grown apart emotionally as well as physically. It may be time to get some breakup advice from a professional.

3. Others are Concerned - If your friends and family notice that you and your partner are having problems, or if you ask them for breakup advice and the majority agrees that it is time to end it, you may want to seek relationship counseling.

4. Not Making Future Plans - If you and your partner avoid making big decisions or talking about your future, ask yourself if you see your partner in your future at all.

5. Your Gut is Talking - Your gut might be telling you that things aren't right, or it's time to breakup. Don't ignore it. Our bodies sometimes know things are wrong before our head catches up. A life coach can offer relationship counseling and clarity in this situation.

Breakup Advice from a Life Coach on
Ending a Relationship the Right Way

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about ending a relationship. Review these breakup advice do's and don'ts from a life coach:

1. DON'T - deal with your relationship problems by cheating. If you are considering cheating you are overdue for a breakup. Cheating will only hurt your partner more and drag out the process.

2. DON'T - give your partner the silent treatment. Being open and honest is the appropriate way to deal with problems.

3. DO - gather your thoughts before "the talk." Waiting for a fight or misstep by your partner is the easy way out. Respect the time you've shared together by ending the relationship thoughtfully and honestly.

4. DO - have consideration for your partner's feelings. Giving them honest reasons for the breakup will help them grieve, learn, and move on more effectively.

A life coach can help you evaluate your relationship and the problems you are having. Together you can develop a breakup plan and consider the appropriate way to breakup, and even rehearse the "breakup speech." A life coach can also prepare you for your partner's reaction and concerns.

Relationship Counseling and Moving On

Ending a relationship is traumatic. A breakup is like a death. Your partner used to be a huge part of your life, and now they are just gone. The stages one goes through when dealing with a death are similar to ending a relationship: shock, denial, acceptance, grieving, etc. It is important to give yourself permission to go through all of these steps and allow time to grieve.

Many times it is difficult, if not impossible to navigate your way out of the pain and through these stages without the help of a counselor or life coach. Getting relationship counseling from a life coach after ending a relationship can help you more quickly and effectively steer through your pain and begin to heal and set goals for yourself and for future relationships.


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