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Do You Have an Abusive Husband?
Dealing with Anger Issues in Your Marriage

Anger Issues | Abusive Husband | Get Personal Coaching TodayAnger is a natural emotion and is - and should be - experienced by everyone occasionally. However, when anger is the norm and not the exception, this could be a sign of anger issues. Anger issues stem from a multitude of causes - from childhood upbringing to traumatic experiences in one's past. Some researchers even hypothesize a genetic predisposition to anger.

If you suspect that your spouse has anger issues or if he's become an abusive husband, here's some important information and advice.

Signs Your Spouse has
Anger Issues

Please keep in mind that anger is a normal reaction from time to time. However, sometimes anger becomes ingrained in a person and rears its head during inappropriate or unwarranted occasions. In these cases, anger issues may be present and deep-seated. Here are some signs that the natural expression of anger may have evolved into what is referred to as anger issues:

1. Sudden Outbursts of Anger - "Holding a grudge" for a long time, letting it stew and build until one unexpectedly lashes out at the smallest nuisance.

2. Overly Sarcastic or Cynical - Constantly making jokes at another's expense. These "jokes" are typically condescending, hurtful, and may even be laced with sarcasm.

3. Easily Frustrated or Irritated - Acting frustrated and irritated most of the time, even at minor inconveniences.

4. Problems with Authority - Doesn't respond well to people in positions of authority - police, bosses, superiors, etc. - often getting into fights with them or constantly complaining about them to others.

5. The Blame Game - Blaming all of one's problems on an outside source - a person, situation, or even an inanimate object. Not able to take responsibility for one's downfalls.

6. Physical Cues - Often displays tense body language - muscles, clenched jaw or fists, and a red face.

It is important for both you and your husband to get professional help if he's displaying any of these symptoms and has issues related to anger. If left unchecked, they will corrode your relationship, and he could eventually become an abusive husband.

When Anger Issues Evolve into
an Abusive Husband

Anger issues are damaging enough to a relationship, but throw in the ingredient of a physically or emotionally abusive husband, and you've got a recipe for marriage disaster. Living with an abusive husband is a serious and dangerous situation, which requires intervention by a professional. Here are some signs that your spouse is or might become an abusive husband:

1. Physical Violence - If he has hit you once, he'll hit you again, no matter what promises he makes.

2. Emotional Abuse - Emotional abuse is just as serious as physical abuse. If your spouse is derogatory, hurtful, and volatile with his words, this is a sign of an emotionally abusive husband.

3. You Live in Fear - You walk on eggshells, worried that you might say or do something that will set him off - either to hit you, or berate you, or worse.

4. He's Controlling - Your spouse controls your finances, whom you socialize with, where you go, etc.

5. Violence - He may break objects or punch walls to take out his frustrations.

6. Threats - Your spouse may threaten you with violence or even directly with guns or knives.

Getting Help for an Abusive Husband
and His Anger Issues

If you are living with a physically or emotionally abusive husband, it is imperative that you seek help. Oftentimes, wives continue to wait out the situation, hoping that it will get better or even blaming themselves for the abuse. One thing is for certain, it is not your fault and you deserve to be treated with respect.

If you are in a life-threatening situation, call 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE). You should also get help from a relationship counselor. They can help resolve anger issues before they become abuse. If your partner will not get help, or you are afraid to ask him to seek help, you should still see a professional counselor for yourself. A relationship coach can help you evaluate the situation and determine if you should leave - or if there is hope to repair it.


Get Help for Anger Issues
in Your Relationship

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