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Abusive Relationships and Emotional Stress
How to Get Help Today and End the Pain

Abusive Relationships | Emotional StressAccording to the American Institute on Domestic Violence, 5.3 million women are abused each year. Men suffer from the emotional stress of abusive relationships as well, but not nearly as much as women. Physical abuse is not the only symptom of abusive relationships; emotional stress and emotional abuse are also forms of mistreatment. If you fear that you or someone you love is trapped in an abusive relationship, read on for some important advice.

Signs and Symptoms of
Physically or
Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Every couple has some quarrels and disagreements, but when do everyday disagreements turn into emotional stress and abuse? Some signs of physically or emotionally abusive relationships include:

Frequent Injuries or Bruises - Victims of abusive relationships may continuously have unexplained marks and injuries - even ones that are so painful or obvious that they'll frequently call in sick to work or make up excuses why they can't go out. However, many abusers are careful to only hit in less conspicuous spots that can be covered with clothing, so just because you don't see the bruises, doesn't mean they're not there.

Isolation - Abusers often control who and what their victims see and do, sometimes causing them to become more and more isolated. The less of a support system their victim has, the harder it is to leave their abuser.

Intimidation and Threats - Abusers may place emotional stress on their victims by threatening to harm them, their pets, or their family - often breaking items or showing them weapons that they threaten to use if provoked.

Control and Manipulation - Controlling most aspects of their victim's life - from food and money to what they wear and where they work - are common signs of abusive relationships.

Sexual Abuse - Victims of abuse may be forced to have sex against their will.

Possessiveness - Unwarranted jealousy or accusations of infidelity are common tactics used in abusive relationships.

Humiliation - Putting down one's partner in public, shaming them, or causing emotional stress and feelings of worthlessness are signs of an abuser.

Substance Abuse - An abuser might blame excessive alcohol or drug use on his violence and the emotional stress he causes his partner.

Denial and Blame - Abusers are pros at making up excuses for their behavior, denying that there is a problem, and even blaming their victim.

Emotional Rollercoaster - Abusers often have a Jekyll and Hyde personality - abusive and hurtful one moment and loving and doting the next. This cycle is often what keeps victims trapped in abusive relationships. The bad times are really bad, but the good times are really good.

Recognizing that you are in an abusive relationship is the first step in getting out. Getting help is the next step.

A Personal Coach Can Help Ease the
Emotional Stress from Abusive Relationships

If you or someone you love is in an abusive relationship, the first step is to get help. If you are in immediate danger, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or 911.

Once you are safe, counseling is a must when dealing with the psychological and emotional stress and trauma caused by abusive relationships. A personal coach can help you take the first steps to getting out of your current situation, and also counsel you through the pain and feelings of shame that stem from abusive relationships. Your coach can help you begin to heal and move on with your life.


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